The mission

The European Migration Studies Chair  (EUMS) is a hub of interdisciplinary knowledge on migration for students, researchers, practitioners and institutions at local, national and international level. Through its interactive framework and international partnerships, the European Migration Studies project developed by the Chair promotes research, good practice and policy-making.

National and international debate is enhanced from Italy, a key country in EU migration, notably from the city of Turin, a key multi-ethnic and plurilingual “laboratory”.

EUMS generates a synergy across the diversified research topics and numerous social practices covered by the migration issue. Intensive participation in transnational networks and contribution to international committees enhances the international significance of the project, impacting on key national and international policies.

EUMS will constitute a salient reference for the enhancement of research both in and outside Italy. Networking and contacts with different and well-established institutions in migration studies will be a priority for the chair programme, through international conferences, round tables and invited lectures attracting international speakers. Scholarly contributions, student internships and events targeting a broader scene, from conferences to “edutainmentopportunities, will offer methodological/procedural know-how.

EUMS proves the University of Turin’s overarching capacity to support contingent new issues and to be an incisive agent of social change.


The background

The EUMS chair is the first Jean Monnet Chair for Turin University Economics Departments, namely EST (Economics and Statistics Cognetti De Martiis), ESOMAS (Socio-Economic and Mathematic-Statistics Sciences Department and DM (Department of Management).

It is the only intra Departmental chair -- the lectures and seminars are curricular activities in Master programmes offered in the Culture, Politics and Society Department and the Law Department respectively, while the special lectures and the research activity involve scholars in Anthropology and Psychology as well as researchers from International Institutions.

MIGREU, the Jean Monnet Migration in Europe Module ( offered the University of Turin the opportunity to set up an interdisciplinary Diploma in European Migration Studies (DMS, combining a disciplinary focus on economics (Migration in Europe Policies) and the study of EU migrant legislation (Migration Law course or alternatively European Mobility and Migration Law course) with a socio-political approach (Migration Dynamic and Migration Policies or alternatively Islam, Migration and Integration Policies). Given its success (300 freshmen and 45 Graduates in 2019), UNITO determined to robustly enhance it with the J.M. Chair in European Migration Studies (EUMS), to meet the increasing educational demand from other Master programmes/Institutions and the equally increasing demand for consulting services from the civil society. 



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