Economics of Migration in Europe (ECMEU)

ECMEU (Economics of Migration in Europe, 9 credits - 60 hours) is focussed on the economic causes and effects of migration in Europe. The course is designed to extend the legal and socio-political dimensions already developed in the Diploma in Migration Studies (DMS) offered by the Culture, Politics and Society Department at the University of Turin.

The course starts by introducing the definitions and the descriptive dynamics of migration flows and stocks. It then develops the dynamics of the migration choice and of its effects, both in the destination countries and in the sending ones. Data, models and empirical results and policy implications provide the cornerstone of the didactic approach. Invited speakers, videos and class debate further and stimulate more detailed understanding of the subject.

Students attending the ECMEU course are to participate in working groups. Each group selects a country belonging to the European Union and writes a Country Report on migration in the chosen country, using all the teaching materials and statistical tools provided during the course.

Each country report will have the main information on the stock and migrant flows by entry channel, age, gender, education, year from migration, besides information on employment, unemployment and wages. These national reports produced by the students, with the most recent data extracted from the EUROSTAT website and comments on national migration trends, will be gathered in a volume and published on the course website.