EU Labour Market Mobility (EULMM)

EMEUHR (Economics and Management of European Human Resources, 9 credits - 60 hours) is focussed on the European Labour Market and Migration EULMM.

The main concern is understanding:

  1. the effect of human resource dynamics in the European labour market;
  2. the implications of migration for the labour market, the management of human resources and the need for accurate selection in order to favour diversity and efficiency in a multicultural environment.

The course has two sections, the first one in labour economics and the second one in management of human resources respectively. Each section has a long comparative section which explains the European case. The students attending EMEUHR will gain a more articulate understanding of the relevance of the European dimension of the labour market and a thorough appreciation of the importance of internal and international mobility in Europe. They will gain a better insight into the ways and means through which the European economy and the world economy are interconnected by human mobility; a better grasp, that is, of their implications for the management of human resources which must include, and rely on, intercultural values.

Students of the EMEUHR course who are Italian native speakers with a distinctly legal background will be involved, often for the first time, in European debate on the labour market and mobility and will be expected to write country reports on Labour Market and Migration. The presentation of reports will be an important occasion for interacting and understanding socioeconomic differences within Europe, as well as an opportunity to learn how to make an effective presentation. The Human Resource managers invited to speak will provide a relevant opportunity to understand the dynamics of the European labour market and the complexity of managing human resources in a multiethnic environment.