Project Design and Impact Assessment Evaluation Unit (DAU)

A Project Design and Impact Assessment Evaluation Unit  (DAU) in collaboration also with the statistics course 

The project of the laboratory is organized with the master of the Statistical section of UNITO. It includes a sery of teorical slides and an application to the migration field. It is designed for the students who want to improuve their statistical background and their knowledge on migration. On the one hand they are introduced to the data on migrants in the destination countries and to how they can controll and dawnload data from the Eurostat database, on the other hand they are introduced to the analayses of the data to derive knowledge and policy implications.

They are asked to prepare a country report as the students of Migration in Europe and to present it, and to comments statistica results pointing out the theorical background.

Roberto Leombruni is  Professor of Economic Statistics at the University of Torino (Italy), where he helds courses on Econometrics, Simulation models and Public Policy Evaluation; and Senior Researcher at the LABORatorio Revelli – Centre for Employment Studies. His main research interests are focussed on the the multidirectional relations between health, work careers and retirement; on the use of Agent-Based models and Microsimulation Models to evaluate the equity aspects of welfare system and to study the long term consequences of public interventions. He is the coordinator of the WHIP project for the Department of Economics and Statistics, which builds on behalf of the Ministry of Health (MoH) a large longitudinal database of work histories based on Inps, Inail and MoH data. He is the director of the International Master on Big Data Analytics for Policy Evaluation.


Andrea D’Arienzo is a Math teacher in middle school in Turin (Italy), he also worked with MetroPolis, a UniTo academic spin-off. He has a bachelor degree in Mathematics for insurance and finance, and a master degree in Statistics. He has worked on blockchain, digital currencies and sport statistics. He is a tutor of the International Master on Big Data Analytics for Policy Evaluation. He holds a research scholarship with Università degli Studi di Torino, regarding the developing of an ABM model for universal basic income in Northern Ireland for policy evaluation.