Seminar: Migration in the Neighbourhood of Europe (MINEU)

Migration in the Neighborhood of Europe (MINEU). 

This Seminar analyses the dynamics of international migration flows. The Seminar presents and discusses the characteristics of the past, present and future migration dynamic in the Neighborhood of Europe. Demographic characteristics, education, labour participation, employment and the drivers of migration will be the main focus of the seminar.

The Seminar involves a number of external speakers. Some of them contribute in person, others on line. You can find all the videos below; the readings in the attached  Booklet of the Seminar or at the end of each speaker page.

All speakers offer outstanding expertise: Ivan Martin (GRITIM, Pompeo Fabra University) and Hassan Boubakri (Souse University) on the drivers of migration; Matteo Villa (ISPI) on the asylum seekers' dynamics; Sona Kalantaryan (JRC, KCMD) on the interaction of food and migration pressure in Africa; Giulia Marchesini (CMI) on youth policies  aiming to favour profitable migration flows; Ummahan Bardak (ETF) on vocational training and migration, whilst Matthias Luke (Kiel Institute) will focus on the Eastern neighborhood and on the Ukraine conflict  and Philippe Fargues ( EUI) on the demographic drivers of international mobility, notably in the Arab region.

The seminar enables the students to understand the need of an interdisciplinary knowledge of migration dynamics. It also aims at teaching students how to do research and how to define the specific topic of research in this very new and challenging field, the consumption of cultural goods. The seminar will contribute to the development of the competences needed for the final dissertation.

See the speakers and the recording.