Seminar: Migration in the Neighbourhood of Europe (MINEU)

Migration in the Neighbourhood of Europe (MINEU) Seminar analyses the dynamics of international flows. The course intends to present the characteristics of the past, present and future migration dynamic in the Mediterranean. Demographic characteristics, education and labour participation and employment will be the main focus of the seminar.

It will be managed with the participation of external speakers. Some of them will contribute in person, others on skype or simply with readings.

Philippe Fargues, Professor of Demography at the EUI in Florence, former founder and director of the Migration Policy Centre, www.MPC.EU, demographer with an outstanding reputation and author of the Neighbourhood report

Ummuhan Bardak, European Training Foundation,  area expert specialized in the link with the EU policies;

Sara Poli, Professor of Law at the University of Pisa, former chair holder “Good governance inside and outside the EU”;

Valeria Fargion, Professor of Political Science at the University of Florence, holder of the Jean Monnet Chair “Politics of European Integration” and coordinator of the Master course in International Relations and European Politics and member of the J.M. Center of Excellence SharEU.

The seminar enables the students to understand the need of an interdisciplinary knowledge of migration dynamics. It also aims at teaching students how to do research and how to define the specific topic of research in this very new and challenging field, the consumption of cultural goods. The seminar will contribute in building the abilities needed for the final dissertation