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Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic (HRMLC)

The HRMLC aims at providing students with a comprehensive knowledge and a concrete and critical view of the implementation of migration law in Italy. Three main activities have been developed and will engage students through experimental learning with the aim of enforcing migrants’ human rights.

1. Migration Protection and Integration (MPI)
Students will work on real cases in the field of protection and integration of foreigners in Italy. They will work in groups and will be requested to analyze the main facts of the case, research the relevant legal aspects and produce a legal opinion aimed at proposing a solution to the problem encountered by the foreigner. Each group will be supervised by an immigration lawyer (member of ASGI) and will also have the
opportunity to interact with the public and private stakeholders involved in the case.

2. Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (UAM)
Students will work in collaboration with the legal clinic "Families, Minors and Law, and they will investigate legal issues related to immigration law and juvenile law (guardianship, protection, reception, integration). They will focus on the critical profiles related to access to fundamental rights and social services of UAM. The activity is carried out under the supervision of a team of lecturers and experts and in collaboration with public bodies and associations.

3. Migration, Agribusiness and Human Rights (MAHR)
Under the supervision of lecturers and clinical staff, students will contribute to the examination of legal issues related to the protection of fundamental rights in agriculture and the fight against labour exploitation. A special attention will be paid to issues related to the promotion of the development of a virtuous agri-food chain and students will work together with associations and public bodies, both at national and international level.

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