Chair Holder 

Alessandra Venturini is Professor of Political Economy at the University of Turin (tenured position) and Associate at the Migration Policy Center (MPC), EUI, Florence, previously founder and deputy director of the MPC-EUI. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the European University Institute in Florence and has held senior academic positions at various Universities. She has been visiting professor at the Institute of Development Studies (Sussex University), at Brown and Stanford Universities, at the International Institute of Labor Studies (ILO, in Geneva) and COMPAS (Oxford). She conducted joint research projects with many international organisations among them the OECD, the World Bank and the European Commission. She is a fellow of IZA and IMISCOE. Her research interests cover many aspects of migration studies: the migration choice, the effect of migration in the host labour market and in the EU innovation process, the demand of caregivers in an aging society, the assimilation of migrants. She has also written extensively on highly-skilled migration, the effect of remittances in the sending countries, circular and irregular migration.  

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Andrea Ricci is a graduate student in International Sciences at the University of Turin. He is interested in the governance of migration and multi-level governance. His research focuses on the impact of migration governance on immigrants integration and the facilitation that could occur if integration practices implemented innovative ways of development. 


He is the tutor for the Economics of Migration in Europe (ECOMEUR) course of the "European Migration Studies" Jean Monnet Chair. 


Currently, he is working on the 'Coro BAC project': he will draft a literature review aimed at grounding the project on solid scientific findings. The "BAC Choir" will explore women's creativity through singing and theatre, providing an opportunity to meet with women of different cultures and languages, promoting their wellbeing and vocal talents. This paper draws particular attention to the capacity of group singing and choirs to develop soft skills that foreigners can spend in the destination country's labour market


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Giorgia Nicco is a graduate student in International Sciences at the University of Turin. She holds a Master's degree in "Politique Internationale et Analyse des Transitions" from the Université Lumière Lyon 2. She is interested in political  sociology, cultural processes and the phenomenon of migration. In particular, with her dissertation she analysed the political, civil and social participation of young people of foreign origin in Italy with a focus on migrant associations. 

She is the tutor for the Economics of Migration in Europe (ECOMEUR) course of the "European Migration Studies" Jean Monnet Chair. 

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Communication Coordinator

Giuseppina Cortese. Professor Emerita, English Language and Translation, University of Turin, formerly Full Professor at the University of Trieste School for Interpreters and Translators. A graduate of the University of Turin (Modern Languages) and the University of Iowa (English), she was Research Fellow with the Newberry Library (Chicago) and the University of Southern California (Los Angeles). She serves on various editorial/scientific committees and was President of the Italian Association of English Studies from 2007 to 2011. She has contributed to national (RILA, SILTA) and international journals (TESOL Quarterly, System, ESP Journal, Français dans le monde, Intl. J.l of Children’s Rights), edited volumes and published essays/chapters on: the theory and description of domain-specific English in a sociolinguistic, textual and methodological perspective; translation; gender; language learning and plurilingualism. Her main research focus since 2000 has been children’s rights, and professional discourse in institutional contexts e.g. health care. She has honoured the late Dell Hymes with an hon. causa degree from the University of Turin and chaired international academic events, notably the 2010 International Conference of the European Society for the Study of English.        

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Coordinator of the Legal Consultancy Unit

Manuela Consito holds a PhD in Public Law, is currently Associate Professor in Administrative law at the School of Law of the University of Turin and qualified as Full Professor (National Scientific Qualification, March 24th 2018). Her long record of teaching includes courses in Public Law, Administrative Law, Immigration Law, Public Procurement Law, Welfare and Social Service Administrative Law, Administrative Environmental Law. She coordinates the Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic of the School of Law, University of Turin. She has been Visiting Professor at CTLS - Centre for Transnational Legal Studies – founded by Georgetown University (US), The Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London (UK), ESADE Law School (Spain), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), National University of Singapore (Singapore), University of Fribourg (Switzerland), University of Melbourne (Australia), University of Torino (Italy), University of Toronto (Canada); Invited Visiting Professor at the Universitad Complutense de Madrid within the LLP – Erasmus Teaching Exchange Program; Visiting Scholar at the Boston University School of Law. Her research in the migration law area covers many aspects: the mutual recognition of professional and academic qualifications of migrants and highly skilled migrants; the reception, protection and repatriation of asylum seekers; the  effects of climate change on migration; the integration and inclusion of migrants; citizenships.    

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Members of the Teaching Staff

Sona Kalataryan holds a Ph.D degree in Economics from the University of Turin, where she previously obtained her M.Sc degree in Economics as well. She worked at the International Training Center of the ILO, the European Commission, University of Turin, Collegio Carlo Alberto and Ministry of Economy and Development of the Republic of Armenia. Previously Associate at the Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute, now JRC KCMD of the European Commission. Her current work addresses the economic aspects of EU migration, labor market integration of refugees and asylum-seekers, labor migration managements in the EU neighbourhood, the impact of foreign labor force on the innovative capacity of the receiving countries, integration of third country nationals in the EU member states.

Her research interests include econometrics, labor economics, demography and international migration, the housing market and geographically cover the EU Member States, Balkan countries, Eastern European EU neighbourhood.     

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Ummuhan Bardak is Senior Specialist in Labour Market and Migration in the European Training Foundation (ETF), a specialised EU agency based in Turin (Italy). She studied political science and international relations, completed her master’s degree at the London School of Economics, and worked at the Turkish Ministry of Labour before working in ETF in 2004. She has worked on different projects on labour market, migration, employment and human resources development (HRD) in the European Neighbourhood Region. Her activities involved research and analysis, policy dialogue, project management and capacity building: labour market reviews in the South Mediterranean and Eastern Partnership region, youth not in education-training-employment (NEET), VET, skills dimension of migration (e.g. potential and returning migrant surveys, skills recognition issues, migrant support measures from employment and skills perspective).   

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Roberta Aluffi is Associate Professor in Comparative law at the Law Department of the University of Turin, where she also teaches Islamic law and African law. She has been teaching as a visiting professor in different Italian universities and abroad. Her main interests lie in Family law in Arab countries and Islamic law in Europe and also include legal translation by and towards the Arab language, notably the specific terminology involved. 

She has coordinated several research projects funded by Italian Ministries and by private entrepreneurs, and she has contributed to the development of European projects. 

She has been on the editorial board of the journals Daimon, Annuario di Diritto Comparato delle Religioni; Diritto, immigrazione e cittadinanza (, and on the scientific committee of Immigrazione, Rivista professionale di scienze giuridiche e sociali (, a specialized journal focussed on legal perspectives concerning foreigners, immigrants, citizenship and asylum issues.

She is a board member of FIERI, of the scientific committee of REDESM (Centro di ricerca “Religioni, Diritto e Economie nello Spazio Mediterraneo”) and of EZIRE (Erlangen Centre for Islam & Law in Europe).   Curriculm vitae



Enrico Bertacchini is Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics “Cognetti De Martiis” University of Torino; Research Fellow, NEXA Center for Internet and Society, Politecnico di Torino and at the Centro Studi Silvia Santagata-Ebla. He is a Faculty member for the doctoral programme in Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics, and Law, University of Torino, and member of the Scientific Committee of the Master in “Patrimonio Mundial y Proyectos Culturales para el Desarrollo” University of Barcelona, University of Torino and ITC-ILO”.


His research interests lie in Cultural Economics, Public Economics, Law & Economics, New Institutional Economics, Agent-Based Economics.    Curriculum vitae





Cecilia Pennaccini holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Turin and is Full Professor at the Culture, Politics, and Cultures Department, University of Turin, where she teaches Ethnology and Visual Anthropology. Since 1988, she has been carrying out field research in the African Great Lakes region (notably in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda) on themes referring to esthetics, visual anthropology, symbolic and religious anthropology, focusing particularly on spiritual possession. Since 2004, she has been coordinating and leading the Italian Anthropological Mission in Equatorial Africa. 


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