Seminar: Cultural Consumption as a Driver of Migrant Integration (COCUMINT)

Cultural Consumption as a driver of Migrant Integration (CUCOMINT). The seminar aims at understanding the drivers of the consumption of cultural goods by migrants and if they play a role in the assimilation process in the destination countries. 

After the first four weeks of lectures the students are expected to produce an individual or in-group survey paper supervised by the chair holder and will present their results in a discussion section which will enhance their ability to develop coherent arguments in the course of their presentations. The final research product will be part of the seminar evaluation.

The seminar aims to enable students to understand the need for an interdisciplinary knowledge of the integration of migrants. It also aims at teaching students how to do research and how to define the specific topic of research in the consumption of cultural goods, indeed a very new and challenging field. The seminar will contribute to build the abilities needed for the final dissertation. All students will write a research paper on a special local instance of consumption of cultural goods.

Here below the 2021 seminar's program:

































































































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