Seminar: Drivers of EU Family Reunification (DREUFARE)

The objective of the DREUFARE (Drivers of Family Reunification) seminar is to inquire into the dynamic of the family reunification process with a focus on the quantitative, economic and legal dimensions, but also on the cultural traditions which create the demand for family reunification.

Using the language of economics, thus looking at the supply side, the seminar intends to capture why different motivations of family members migration exist in different ethnic groups e.g. Filipino and Moroccans. A special focus on the Mediterranean countries will be provided by Roberta Aluffi, Professor of Islamic Law at the University of Turin, who will lecture on family law in the Mediterranean Countries. (Project Prevention and Interaction in the Trans-Mediterranean Space PRIMED with prof. Roberta Ricucci). An attempt to link the motivation with the national policies and legislations will close the supply side analyses.

On the demand side the focus will be on the different national policies of destination countries which condition the process and affect the final number of reunified members. This group receive very little policy attention even if they represent the largest inflow in destination country.

Professor Vignoli (UNIFI), professor of Demography and holder of the ERC “Economic Uncertainty and Fertility in Europe” will explain how to forecast future migration inflows using the stable dynamic of family members.

The seminar enables the students to understand the need of an interdisciplinary knowledge of the migrants’ dynamic. It also aims at teaching students how to do research and how to develop specific research arguments. The seminar will contribute to building the abilities needed for the final dissertation