Projects in progress

'Coro BAC' project

Barolo Arti per la Comunità (BAC)

Percorsi di innovazione sociale attraverso le Performing Arts

an innovative action in the field of public and cultural welfare based on the performing arts. The association is sponsored by the University of Turin's Humanities Department under the 2019 University of Turin's financial grant for Public Engagement projects.

Social Community Theatre Centre (within the Barolo Arti per la Comunità, BAC project) will set up a theatre choir open to 30 girls and women from the university (students, researchers, professors, and members of the technical and administrative staff) and from the Distretto Opera Barolo (residents, operators and users)..

'Coro BAC' project (BAC Choir project)

The "BAC Choir" will explore women’s creativity through singing and theatre, providing an opportunity to meet with women of different cultures and languages, promoting their wellbeing and vocal talents.


"Il ruolo dei consumi e delle pratiche culturali degli immigrati nei processi di integrazione: indagine conoscitiva su Torino per la sperimentazione di politiche culturali innovative" - research project funded by CRT Foundation

The City of Turin is increasingly characterized by the presence of foreign residents (today, 10% of its population). While the economic and social conditions of this segment of the population have been extensively investigated, relatively little is known about cultural consumption, and the attitudes and behaviours involved.

In the past, the city has been a pivotal context for pioneering projects in Italy on foreigners' cultural consumption, e.g. the Cultural Observatory of Piedmont in 2002 or the project entitled Patrimonio per tutti (2005-2008). However, the evidence provided by these previous investigations is now obviously dated.

Moreover, compared to the early 2000s, the institutions and decision-makers in the cultural field have been gaining new awareness of the need for audience development strategies addressing foreigners and immigrants.

Hence, this project is meant to increase and update knowledge of foreigners from the perspective of cultural consumption. The study develops a revised informative base for cultural institutions and public decision-makers, suggesting integration policies based on the promotion of cultural practices.